Cheetah sighting in “W” National Park (Niger): A hopeful sign!

Samaila Sahailou, technical assistant of Arly and Pendjari National Park, reported that on31 December 2012a male cheetah was seen walking around camp Tapoa. The sighting was fortunately captured on photo camera by Mr Frédéric Modi, director of hotel Tapoa. (see photos below). This sighting is another indicator that “W” National park(Niger) still holds a small [...]

Strong decline of savannah landscapes and lion populations in West and Central Africa; local lion populations are expected to go extinct in 10 years time

A group of scientists from different universities from USA, UK, South Africa and Leiden University in The Netherlands have demonstrated through a meta analysis in a publication in the Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation, based on the analysis of Google Earth satellite images, that the savannah landscapes in Africa shrank from 11.9 mio sq km [...]

Cheetah encounter in Pendjari National Park (Benin): A hopeful sign!

Dr Tehou Aristide, research coordinator and regional coordinator of ROCAL for West Africa, reported recently that not far for hotel Pendjari, a group of 4 cheetahs were photographed, who were enjoying themselves (see photos below). This sighting is an indicator that Pendjari National park still holds cheetahs.  Reliable population estimates are difficult to make although [...]

Lion killed near Borno, Nigeria, may orginate from Waza National Park in Cameroon.

Some months ago we have reported that a lion was presumed to have killed 2 persons and 30 livestock animals in Yobe, Nigeria. It’s was suggested that this information was false. However, during the search for the stray lion, Talatu Tende (University of Lund) collected two faecal samples from one of the sites. Analysis showed [...]

Adoption of resolution supporting regional initiatives to conserve mammal diversity in West and Central Africa at WCC in Jéju

On 14 September the IUCN members present at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jéju (South Korea) adopted Resolution 5.022 Supporting regional initiatives to conserve mammal diversity in West and Central Africa, and this resolution calls on governments. This resolution is giving strong support to large mammal conservation in general and large carnivore conservation in [...]

Draft motion for supporting regional initiatives to conserve mammal diversity in West and Central Africa for IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju

During the World Conservation Congress at its 5th Session in Jeju,Republic of Korea, which will be held from 6-15 September 2012 a motion on large mammal conservation in West and Central Africa will be submitted. The motion asks for support for regional initiatives to conserve mammal diversity in West and Central Africa. It is sponsored [...]

Public Statement of the second African Lion Working Group Workshop

The African Lion Working group is a professional working group with as members, individuals who are actively involved in field research and conservation of the African lion. The ALWG is affiliated with the IUCN Cat specialist group and has a science based approach to conservation. The African Lion Working Group (ALWG) organised a workshop in [...]

An invitation for the course in International Wildlife Conservation Practice held on the Oxford University

The Recanati-Kaplan Centre of the Wildcru department of theUniversity of Oxford invites candidates to apply for the Postgraduate Diploma in International Wildlife Conservation Practice. This eight month full-time course is designed to enhance the skills of conservation practitioners by teaching field, analytical and reporting techniques necessary for effective conservation research and action. It will be [...]

Elephant slaughter in Bouda Ndjijda National Park

Although we normally do not report developments of other mammals, we are obliged to inform you of the elephant slaughter in Bouba Ndjijda National Park, Cameroon, which is an important park in West- and Central Africa for carnivore conservation.    Heavily armed poachers, supposedly originating from Southern Darfur in Sudan, have crossed the border into [...]

“Lion kills 2 persons and 30 animals in Yobe, Nigeria” confirmed to be a hoax.

The LCI received recently information that a lion is presumed to have killed 2 persons and 30 livestock animals in Yobe Nigeria. The article stated that ” the local government assumed the lion has escaped from Yankari Game reserve in Bauchi, Nigeria, which is the closest park to the area where the killings have taken [...]

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