The Large Carnivore Initiative for West- and Central Africa (LCI W&C AFRICA)      


The LCI-W&C AFRICA has the following long-term objectives:      

1) Establishment and strengthening of a network for large carnivore conservation in the region, while practising human-carnivore-conflict mitigation.      

2) Exchange of information between partners and members of the newly established Large Carnivore Network in the region.      

3) Launch of media campaigns for the general public and lobbying activities with governments and policy makers.      


Jubilee and Farewell conference and Large Carnivore Workshop 2010, in Maroua        

    These have been translated to the following short term objectives:       

  • To expand the LCI-W&C AFRICA with new partners and members during an initial phase of two years. 
  • To exchange information on large carnivore conservation between partners and members through the website, through e-mail communication and through the organisation of annual workshops in the region.
  • To prepare media campaigns for the general public in the region in order to create awareness on the need for large carnivore conservation and ecosystem restoration.
  • To initiate lobbying campaigns with politicians and government to find support for large carnivore conservation and ecosystem restoration in the region.


The LCI-W&C AFRICA network is a collaboration between the Leo Foundation, the Netherlands, SPOTS (the Netherlands), the Regional Lion Network in West- and Central Africa (ROCAL), the African Lion Working Group (South Africa), Panthera Foundation, Painted Dog Conservation (Zimbabwe), the Ecole de Faune in Garoua (Cameroon), the Centre of Environment and Development Studies (CEDC) of the University of Dschang (Cameroon), the Laboratoire Ecologique of the University of Abomey (Benin), Department of Nature Conservation Tshwane University (South Africa) and the Institute of Environmental Sciences of Leiden University (Netherlands). It has been financially supported by the Prins Bernhard Natuurfonds.        

 The Large Carnivore Initiative is also a collaborating with the IUCN Cat specialist group, the IUCN Hyena specialist group and the IUCN Canid specialist group.       

This initiative elaborates on  the expertise which has been developed during the implementation of the Regional Lion Conservation Strategy for West- and Central Africa (ROCAL), supported by CML, CEDC and the Leo Foundation, which has a main focus on the African lion (Panthera leo leo).